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Let’s face it, Earth’s resources are vanishing by the minute.

If you’re not aware of the Space Race that’s going on, let me break it down.

You may recall the last Space Race in the 1960s, between the Cold War rivals: the Soviet Union and the United States. Apollo 11 may have landed the first man on the moon, but what has happened since?

The progress in space exploration has been stagnant for decades. Slow advancements in space technologies could be due to several reasons. …

Photos by Barbara Rezend and Ishant Mishra on Unsplash

Last week I went surfing in the South of France. As a beginner, it was fun engaging in this riveting activity, but I realised that what I was learning was actually resembling the atmosphere of the stock market.

Yes, this is probably the most random comparison, but it makes sense. You don’t even need to be a surfer to understand the basics of this concept!

So here are 5 ways in which the stock market echos riding ocean waves:

1. Timing

The principles of surfing revolve around the importance of timing. If you have ever surfed before, you know that catching a…

A “Path” to Financial Freedom by Trisha Kumar

The Offer

The other day I was approached by a LinkedIn member, who mentioned they liked my profile. They offered to introduce me to an “educational process” which would potentially grant me a spot on a “mentorship program” that would guide me into achieving my own financial freedom. Since I was looking for an opportunity, this description, although vague, got my attention. I proceeded to ask for further details. None of my questions were properly addressed, instead, I was told to join a Zoom call, in order to obtain the information I was looking for. …

Toco, Trinidad & Tobago by Cherlana Bridgewater

The 2020 global pandemic has generated devastating impacts on almost every country, regardless of their level of development. Unlike most global issues, where developed nations can enjoy their privilege, this pandemic has not favoured any region but instead managed to spread around the entire globe.

With all the news circulating the internet, we are often saturated with the Covid-19 impacts on more dominating countries, especially as our capitalist world naturally prioritises countries with the largest economies. What has been neglected, however, are the impacts of the pandemic on small islands.

These forgotten islands may have not experienced as many cases…

Trisha Kumar

Economics Graduate

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